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Why our Clients love to work with us.

About Our Company

Our mission is to provide Web based and mobile based applications that are custom made according to every client requirement. At Asokaa Developers, we make sure that there is a constant research and development of the various products that are provided to you. This makes us provide you with the latest applications that will be in vogue for many years down the line.


Design comprises number of distinct abilities and disciplines in the presentation and maintenance of websites for the Internet.

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Asokaa Developers can deliver Custom Software Development services on-site as part of a joint development team or with offshore assistance.

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SEO services and various other services are included in the package. The package will be custom made according to your needs and there are no generalized applications. So, you will be able to enjoy the products and use them for your business.

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To bring our vision to reality, we represent our values through the way we live and work:


The products that are developed by Asokaa Developers include web based applications as well as mobile based applications. The great demand for mobile applications has made us to concentrate in this field as it is the next big expansion in the Information technology industry, after the advent of the internet.

Business Solutions

Asokaa Developers wants to provide you with the best possible products and we strive at every juncture to provide you exactly this. We provide you with custom made products that will suit perfectly for your business. There are no duplicates provided and this makes your businesses to be successful in no time. We at Asokaa Developers also provide you with complete business solutions that will fit your routine. There are no shortcuts used by us to finish the product in quick time.


Affordable prices are our forte. If you would like to get a package for your company, then the rates are negotiable. We will ensure that you get the best products at the best prices. We also provide timely support that is required for clients. You can contact us at any time through any of the different contact options provided. We will assure you of an immediate communication back to you so that your queries are answered and your problems are solved.


At Asokaa Developers, we use various platforms for the creation of applications. The products that are created by us involve various platforms and technologies like JAVA, .net, PHP, ORACLE etc.


As far as the mobile applications are concerned, we are using the Android platform as well as the iOS. We will be able to dish out all kinds of applications that are useful for you.


Members of our team will be with you during the process of creation of the application. The prototype will help you to appreciate the product and will also help us to go further in making the actual application.

Great Features

As Asokaa Developers is growing all the time, we will require more and more personnel to work for us.You can work as a freelancer or as a full time worker..

Awesome Support

Tight deadlines. Complex deployments. Increased end user demands. Whatever the reason, there are times when you need additional hands on deck to support pressing IT initiatives. Projects when you need on-demand expertise to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery. Times when you need immediate troubleshooting resolution to minimize the impact to business operations

Quality Code

We make sure that every product that is produced at Asokaa Developers will meet the highest standards of quality and this is an assurance that every client gets from us.